Broadcast idents don't get much better than this! A simple concept and image beautifully lit with natural elements doing what nature intended. Behind the scenes though this individual piece took a team fully three weeks to perfect, with electro-mechanical devices and finely engineered valves to make the liquid perform in the desired way.

Towering four metres above the model, the device delivering the "SPLASH" was charged with a mere half-cup of precisely prepared liquid, each take requiring us to remove the "2" and replace it in register with a clean version. The sequence was shot at very high speed to capture the dynamic moment of flowing liquid interacting with a solid mass.

Although now a few years old, these early generic idents laid the foundations for many more versions to follow (some of which we were delighted to be involved in) and set standards in future broadcast design not only at the BBC but across the whole industry.

Designer: Martin Lambie-Nairn

Director: Daniel Barber

Production Co: Lambie-Nairn + Co.